The Six Most Important Things

The six most important things you need in order to live are air, water, sleep, food, love and shelter, Everything else is extra. Everything. You can live without air for four minutes. You can live without water for five days. You can live without sleep for about a week. You can live without food for about a month. You can sometimes live without, or with only very, very little love for years. You can live without shelter for decades if you find a clement environment. This means that the most important thing is breathing, then drinking, then sleep, then food, love and then shelter.

If you ever find yourself saying, “Oh” I have to have this or I’ll die without it!” think about these six most essential things. Breathe in, and realize that this breath you are breathing in is life, and the next one, and the next one after that. Drink some water, pure, lovely water and realize that it is also keeping you alive and well. When you sleep, know that it is keeping you alive and that it matters. When you eat, remember that eating is needed, but that breathing, water and sleep are much more important. 

But when you feel love, realize that it is a gift. Once someone has loved you enough to make sure you were born and survived and learned some good things like how to speak and how to live in your world, living without love is painful but it is not deadly. So treat every bit of love you receive as though it was something special and precious, and something gifted to you just because that is the nature of love: it is abundant, and wants to crate more of itself. When you come home, and realize that you have a place to live out of the rain, out of the heat of the son, a place where you can eat, sleep, drink good water and breathe, realize that these are the only things you truly need.

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