The most dangerous animal?

To me, the most dangerous animal on earth is not a lion or a tiger, not a poisonous snake or spider: the most dangerous animal is really a mosquito, because mosquitoes carry so many diseases that many, many people have died from their bites.

But there is another dangerous type of animal: it can be unpredictable and vicious, deceptive and selfish, hurtful and unkind. Because this animal has a lot of energy, it can do a lot of things, but because this animal has no sense, it can damage many, many things by its ignorance. This animal is most dangerous when it travels in packs; because it wants something it will do anything to get it and cannot even guess that it would hurt anything by making itself feel what it wants to feel.

This animal is a young, adolescent male. This can be an adolescent cougar, monkey, moose or a human being. A 15-yr-old male human being has a lot of strength and has learned a few things, yet mostly he only knows that he wants something. That’s all: he wants something. He wants to do something that will make him feel good, or have something that will make him feel special, and better than anyone else. He wants to make everyone notice him and tell him he is the best or he wants to change something that he thinks is wrong because it makes him unhappy.

Most of those things are not wrong. But because this adolescent does not have any experience, he often does not have any sense: he has no sense of what other people will feel like if he does or gets what he wants. Since he has no sense, he will set off fireworks in the summer when the grass is dry just because he wants to set off fireworks. But he cannot even imagine that he might start a fire that could burn down trees, houses and people. Because he’s bored, he drives stupidly, and he doesn’t realize that he could kill whole families. Because he wants something, he might lie and cheat and steal, but he will never understand how he could hurt anyone else.

After all, he got what he wanted, didn’t he? That was all that mattered. 

To be continued…

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