Starting Yourself

There is a good saying: “A person is known by how he or she acts when no one is watching.” If you are a person with true ethics, you don’t always have to have someone tell you what to do, when to do it, and you really don’t have to have someone watching over you to see that you do it or to force you to do what you have said you would. 

But the real thing is: if you have to depend upon someone else to do the right thing; if you have to be watched to do the right thing; if you cannot do things well when ho one is watching, then you’re weak! You have to have a crutch to walk, to work, to do as you say, to do anything well, to do something important that you care about: you aren’t strong enough to do it by yourself!

Is that really the way you want to be? 

Some people say: I hate it when someone tells me what to do! And then too many of you go off and get into messes you could have avoided because you could not trust yourself, you could not trust your ethics. If you think that seat belts in your car are too confining, try living in a wheelchair for the rest of your life because you wanted to do what you wanted to do and didn’t trouble yourself to think ahead: if you make one tiny mistake in a car you will crash it. The car is bigger, heavier and a lot tougher than you are. When you’re in an accident, you’ll likely get damaged. And what put you into that accident? Not thinking things through!

And if you take drugs: they will tell you what to do all the time.  “Steal money, hurt the ones you love, make yourself ill and sick and stupid, because you want me. I’ve made you want me!” And if you hang out with others that think they know what they are doing, and they really don’t, what do you think would happen when they don’t know how to handle a sudden, big emergency?

To be continued… 

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