Patience doesn’t mean just waiting around for something, bored out of your mind, and sometimes out of good behavior too. Patience can mean understanding something from its point of view. If you remember how hard it was to master simple skills when you were three, or five, and really feel it, then perhaps you can be patient a little more easily when someone is taking a long time to learn something. When you are being forced to wait for something, like a bus or something on its own schedule and not yours, the odd thing you can do is to notice, really notice, what is around you. If you’re sitting on a wooden bench, for instance, look at the pattern of the wood grain, and really study it. Make shapes from it in your mind, and let your mind wander off into imagination. And if you’re not on a bench, look at the people around you and make up stories about them, or look at their clothing, or look at the flowers nearby. When you’re bores, always pay more attention, not less!

Unless you are being forced to wait in a bare, blank room, there is always something to look at, and always something to use your imagination with.

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