Someone defined integrity as: “When you do what is right even when someone isn’t looking,” and that is a very good definition. There used to be a spiritual master tho asked each of his students, “I want you to take one of these chickens, and take it to a place where no one can see, and strangle it so we can have it for supper.” And, yes, several of the students came back pretty quickly, carrying their dead chickens. But two of the disciples did not come back for a very long time, When the first one came back after only a few hours, he still had his life chicken. The mater asked, “Why didn’t kill the chicken?” and hi student answered, “Well, no matter what I tried, the chicken saw me.” The last student who came in the latest, also came in with a live chicken. When asked why she didn’t kill the chicken, she replied, “Well, perhaps I could shut my eyes and not see what I had done, but I would always know that I had done it.”

Integrity is like that. You will always know what you have done, even though you might want to close your eyes to it.

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