Hurt and Anger Towards Others

For some people, it seems so easy to try to get rid of their hurt and anger by hurting others, and being angry at them, But this does nothing to heal the hurt and anger in the person that is hurt, and it only spreads the anger around, like gasoline, so that its fumes make everyone sick, and sometimes one little last thing can make everything explode. Being hurt is inevitable, though, because people make mistakes, misunderstand things, and get confused a lot. It’s so easy to hurt someone without meaning to hurt them when you make a mistake, or are confused or misunderstand! It’s so easy, I wonder why anyone hurts anyone else on purpose: there is usually enough hurt already going on to add to more. Getting angry at others just adds more anger. Hurting others because you hurt just makes more hurt. The thing to to is to understand why you are angry, and work to fix it, and to understand why you feel hurt, and work to fix that too. It is always best to be kind, if you can: kind to yourself and to others as well.

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