You may remember the story of Pandora, who was blamed for letting all the evils loose in the world. What most people don’t remember is that there was one last thing in the bottom of the box: the spirit of Hope. Some that are pessimistic, skeptical and suspicious think that Hope is the worst monster of all, because hope will keep you in the torments the evil things create. They believe that hope makes you stay and suffer bad things longer, and so it is something that tortures everyone worse.

It can really feel like that when your hopes are not fulfilled! When you have waited and waited for something, worked and worked for it for what se4ems like forever and then you don’t get it after all, or even worse, someone4 else gets it that you feel should never have had even the chance to got it, the hope you felt in the time before seems like a mean, bad lie. Why did you have to do all that work, and hope all that much, and really, truly want something if it was just taken away?

The reason is because, as impossible as it sounds, nothing is ever lost. In science, there is Newton’s Law that says that energy cannot be either created or destroyed. When you work at something and hope for something you are certainly using energy. When you expect something, you make sure there is room for that thing in your life; you may take time to learn things or discover things or do things, waiting for that the thing you wish for to happen. When it doesn’t happen you do get disappointed, but hope makes you understand: all the work, all the learning, all the preparations you have done or made belong to you now. You may not get the puppy or kitten you wanted for Christmas but you probably learned thing about taking care of animals and about managing your time; you’ve likely learned about focusing on one thing and not getting yourself distracted; you’ve even learned about how to make a promise to yourself: “I will get a kitten someday when I can, even though I have to do it all myself.” 

You’ve learned a lot!

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