Every time you give up your power of choice, you become less than you are.

So often, when you are asked to do something you don’t like, you stop liking yourself. You do this by focusing on how unhappy you are, or how anxious, or frightened you feel about the thing you’ve been asked to do. If only you could find a way to make the dreadful chore easier! Well, making things easy for yourself in a good way is being kind to yourself, and this is where you think you are worth something special.

But there are two ways of making things easier: Dumb and smart. The dumb way is to pretend: to pretend by lying, cheating, making others feel bad, or hurting someone else because you are angry. The smart way of making things easier is to see where you can choose joy for yourself, by being honest, doing things well, helping others, and knowing you know the right thing to do. When you do well, you feel good. And when you do good, you feel well.

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