Almost everyone is creative, even some of you who think you can’t create a thing. Being creative doesn’t just mean painting a picture, composing music or poetry, or even inventing a computer game: it means making something that wasn’t there before with your own hands and mind. Can you cook, making something from its constituent parts and come up with something new, even though it might be as simple as a ham sandwich? Then you have been creative. Can you arrange things in your room beautifully, balancing the colors and shapes of things, or arranging your collections elegantly? Then you have been creative. Have you ever built a snow fort, a bird house, a diorama in a shoe box, or even a stack of something you could knock down later? Then you have been creative. When you work on an school assignment, do you take care with it, making sure everything is spelled correctly, that the paragraphs look nice, and all the footnotes are thoroughly researched? Then you have been creative.

When you look for creativity in your self and others you will find it everywhere! Sanding the sides of an old boat and making it beautiful again is creative; so is watching a movie and thinking about how you might have done it differently. Creativity is changing things so they become more beautiful and elegant; creativity also makes things stronger and able to work better. Creativity is precious, and it can be as individual as you are. Enjoy it!

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