Changing Things

Changing things can be very hard, and it can be especially hard when you nave to make a change that you don’t want to because it’s scary or uncomfortable. Sometimes you don’t want to change because you are being asked to change in a way you don’t understand. You may be visiting a relative for a long time and have to change what you usually do: there is nothing in the relative’s house that is like the one you live in. Maybe you have to change something that you have done the same way for years. Maybe someone shows that you have to change because you’ve done something incorrect or wrong. That can be difficult because it’s often so hard to admit you were wrong!¬†

This is not surprising: when doing something incorrectly or wrong means that you get yelled at, and you are told you are bad and need to fix it. That is always hard: no one wants to feel that he is wrong! You don’t want to have to fix something you because it’s new and scary: you’ve never fixed this before and you don’t know how. And if you do it wrong when you are trying to fix it, that makes it so much worse, because you get yelled at more than once. Sometimes you feel like giving up.¬†

But when you have to change things, or when things have changed that you don’t want to change, it can help to remember the things that haven’t changed after all. Even if it’s silly things, such as remind yourself¬† that your nose is still in the same place on your face and your eyes are the same color they were yesterday and haven’t turned orange or green instead. By finding things that haven’t changed, you will feel at least a little better, so that the thing that has changed or that you must change yourself, seems a little easier now.

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