Being creative

A lot of us think that being creative means to make something artistic: a painting, a song or poem, perhaps something even more special like designing a building or a good computer game. We think that in order to be creative we have to make something that other people can see, and that other people can judge, value, and buy or not buy. In other words, you might feel you can only be creative when other people know about it! Some of you really want other people to know about things inside of you, so you create chaos, or bad feelings, or unhappiness because those things are inside of you and you don’t know how to explain them or understand them, so you make them get out of you by spreading them around.

But think about it: you can always create peace inside of yourself. You can always create happiness inside of yourself. Creating bad feelings inside of yourself and others seems so easy: that’s because it’s easier to break something, to push it over, than it is to build something. But, since you can create happiness when you really want to create it, then you can create any other good thing: joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction or peace, When you understand this, you can even create new energy just for yourself, inside your self.

This kind of creativity can start by thinking instead of feeling: think about what happiness is, what it feels like and what it can change in your life. When you are happier, you are kinder, When you are feeling joyful, you want to share every good thing you know with anyone that might be interested. When you are feeling enthusiasm you begin things on time, finish them early and then can relax. When you feel satisfied, especially when you have created that feeling on your own, you don’t feel hungry for noise or drama or making things break. When you feel peace a little bit, you stop and think before you say anything. When you feel peace very deeply, you know the right thing to say to people when they are hurting, because Peace is very wise. 

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