Being a True Friend

Sometimes, you feel lonely and thing that you really want a true friend. But these days, there are so many “friends” that don’t really care for you. You can have 1.000 “friends” on Facebook, but too many times they are just pictures in your computer or phonepad: they are not really there for you. They may give you little icons of sadness or happiness, but they are not true friends. 

A true friend is someone who will stand still and listen to you when you need to talk something out; you can be a true friend by listening to someone when he or she just needs to talk. A true friend will do his or her best to understand you, even though sometimes you might be a puzzle to them. Why do you like your eggs over-easy, all runny and yellow, instead of hard and easier to eat? They will try and understand. You can be a true friend by trying to understand your friend when he or she eats these silly, hard eggs for breakfast. A true friend will understand that, while you like a certain type of music, you really don’t like that one piece of music because it reminds you of the time when something bad happened to someone you used to know or, maybe, that the words of that particular song remind them of something bad that happened to them.

You see, it doesn’t matter why someone else likes what he or she likes or doesn’t like: every person has a reason. You have reasons for what you like and why you like it too. The best kind of friend is someone who realizes: “Not everyone is like I am! Not everyone likes what I like! But everyone has a reason for liking or not liking what she or he wants, the same way I have reasons for everything I do, too. But my friends are special, so I will take the trouble to know them.”

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