Asking Questions

Someone once said, “The most stupid question is the one that you don’t ask.” This not only means that if you don’t ask how something works before you use it, you are likely to get poor results, it also means that if you take too much for granted, you can get so used to doing things the same old way that you won’t be able to change. Strange, isn’t it? But  if you keep on doing things the same way all the time and don’t think about what you are doing or why, then you stop thinking about what you are doing.

It’s very useful to ask yourself several times a day, “Why am I doing this?” Why are you being mean and teasing your brother? Why are you stamping around and throwing things? Or why are you being nice to your friend? Why are you doing what your parents tell you to do? You can learn so much, not only about yourself but also about other people and how the wold works.

If you think, “I am teasing my brother because I like seeing him squirm,” then ask yourself why. Why do you want to make him feel bad? Do you feel bad yourself? Why? If you think, “Why am I stomping around and throwing things?” you can find out why you are feeling so hurt or frustrated that you have to make everyone in the world know about it. It might be because you don’t feel heard by others, but then again, it might be that you don’t take the time to listen to others! If you are being nice to your friend and ask yourself why, you can learn how much that friend means to you. And if ask why you do what your parents tell you, you can learn so much about yourself! But if you never ask, you will never learn why you do things, and you will go through life without seeing it. And going through life that way can be very stupid indeed.

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