About Boring People

Some people are boring: they don’t talk about anyone but themselves, they don’t notice anyone but them, they keep telling you what they want, when and how they want it and they usually want it right now, no matter what you’re doing or wanting or needing for yourself.  Some boring people talk all the time, talk and talk and talk all the time, and don’t every let anyone else say anything. Other boring people keep telling the same stories over and over again. Now, if these people who tell the same stories are old it might be because they truly are forgetful: some people forget so much that they are sure they haven’t eaten breakfast this morning, when indeed they ate something just a few minutes ago: those people aren’t boring, they are ill, and something has de3stroyed their memories. These people are sad, and when you know what’s going on with them, you can feel sad for them too.

But, really, you can also feel sad for the bores that talk about themselves all the time, or just plain talk all the time; the bores that keep saying, “Oh, just one more thing I’ve got to tell you!” long after you’ve already told them three times that you have to go to the dentist at two. The bores that don’t put any feeling or animation in what they are saying, so that when they’re describing a trip to Disneyland or to watch polar bears in Alaska or somewhere in Europe, they make it sound as though they were telling you about a parking lot down the street or something really silly and simple like how to open a jar… all of these bores have one thing in common: something has bored a hole into them, so they feel empty. That’s why they have to keep on filling themselves. Some of them are so empty that they need you to fill them up, and that can be very hard indeed.

To be continued…


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