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Working too hard

A great many people say they like to be lazy, or they wish they were retired: they are tired of work! But, truly, you are not often as tired of work as you think but rather you are tired of things being so much the same: waking up at the same time even though you would prefer to lie in bed for another hour trying to remember your dreams, or just enjoying the feeling that you are safe and warm and that there’s someone else that can make you some good breakfast. When you are forced to be lazy, as when you have a cold or some illness that forces you to stay in bed, you feel less happy about doing nothing.

So when you say you’re tired of work and working, what you’re most likely really feeling unhappy about is that everything is too much the same kind of rhythm: like a piece of music that keep repeating the same phrase becomes boring, so also doing the same thing every day makes you feel tired of it. Generally, it isn’t the work that is hard: unless you are being asked to do something you literally cannot do in a dangerous or truly uncomfortable situation, you can do most everything you are asked to do. 

No: it’s only when you feed trapped that you start feeling unhappy. This is something to consider when you choose a job: will you have moments to     yourself, little bits of time that are just your own that you can take advantage of while you are working? Then understand that this is a good job, whatever you are doing. If the job you have allows you times to feel free, such as climbing up to the roof to have your lunch, or having fifteen minutes before work begins to read something you enjoy, then this is a good job. When you can take a real break from work: when you can do something else for a little while, it makes all the difference. “A change is as good as a rest.” 

What you Need

A lot of people say they “need” something: an object, .a device, piece of clothing, or whatever, and surely people do need clothing of some kind or another to keep healthy in the cold or very warm places. Tools are useful. Houses are comfortable. Devices can also be useful, and entertainment is fun: you don’t have to think very hard when you’re watching what someone else made up, so you can be lazy for a while and let your mind rest.

But, of all those things, what do you really need? There are some things that you truly need to do, otherwise you will die. You do need food, because if you go without food for more than about a month you will get sick and die, or in even less time if you haven’t ever had any good food. You need water, definitely: you can die of thirst in just five days. You need to breathe and keep on breathing: when your breath stops for more than 4 minutes you will die. But you need your heart to stay well and strong, because if your heart stops, you can die even more quickly than if you run out of air. 

So ask yourself: is your heart beating? That’s good: you need it. Are you breathing? That’s good, you need it, the same way you need water and at least some food. All of these things are given to you for free by your body: you don’t have to think about making your heart beat. You don’t have to think about breathing: it’s automatic. If you haven’t had enough water lately you feel thirsty, automatically, and the same with food. 

if you had to make your heart beat, you might say, “I need my heart to work” or if you had to go and get water the hard way every time you were thirsty, you might say “I need water.” Your body works so hard to keep you alive that you don’t even notice, and so you think you need things. But think: do you need them, really?

When You’re Not Sure

Many times in your life you will be asked a question you cannot answer because you don’t know what your answer is. It may be something that you haven’t thought about enough or you haven’t heard anything about what the person is asking you. Sometimes of course it’s an answer for a test, and when you don’t know the answer there, it’s best be study beforehand, of course. But life so very often gives you the test first, and then you get the lesson afterwards. You get surprised by something, something big or bad happens and you suddenly have to choose and act. Unfortunately, sometimes you only find out was is really going on after you’re acted: sometimes you do the wrong thing; sometimes you just make a mistake; sometimes you don’t know what to do or what to say. Trouble is, when you do say something and then find out that what you said was unkind, foolish, or sometimes just plain wrong, then you find out what you should have done or what you should have said, or how you could have been kind when someone else truly needed kindness.

When you’re caught by surprise by life, it’s very uncomfortable. Not only is is scary because you could so something truly wrong, but it’s also scary if you do something that’s going to follow you for years afterwards. Most often you just freeze: you don’t say anything, you can’t do anything and you stand there looking like a fool. 

One good way to keep yourself from freezing up with fear, or doing something too quickly because everyone else seems in a rush, and pesters you to get the thing they want you to do, now. It’s hard not to give in! But: if you think about yourself, and what’s really important to you once a day, then you won’t have to spend so much time trying to think: you’ll know. You’ll know that you care about yourself and your friends to stay out of dangerous places and stay away from dangerous people. You will already know that you don’t want to lie to anyone because you hate it when someone lies to you. You’ll already know that you like it when people are kind, so you know you want to be kind.

“When in doubt, do the loving thing.”


You may remember the story of Pandora, who was blamed for letting all the evils loose in the world. What most people don’t remember is that there was one last thing in the bottom of the box: the spirit of Hope. Some that are pessimistic, skeptical and suspicious think that Hope is the worst monster of all, because hope will keep you in the torments the evil things create. They believe that hope makes you stay and suffer bad things longer, and so it is something that tortures everyone worse.

It can really feel like that when your hopes are not fulfilled! When you have waited and waited for something, worked and worked for it for what se4ems like forever and then you don’t get it after all, or even worse, someone4 else gets it that you feel should never have had even the chance to got it, the hope you felt in the time before seems like a mean, bad lie. Why did you have to do all that work, and hope all that much, and really, truly want something if it was just taken away?

The reason is because, as impossible as it sounds, nothing is ever lost. In science, there is Newton’s Law that says that energy cannot be either created or destroyed. When you work at something and hope for something you are certainly using energy. When you expect something, you make sure there is room for that thing in your life; you may take time to learn things or discover things or do things, waiting for that the thing you wish for to happen. When it doesn’t happen you do get disappointed, but hope makes you understand: all the work, all the learning, all the preparations you have done or made belong to you now. You may not get the puppy or kitten you wanted for Christmas but you probably learned thing about taking care of animals and about managing your time; you’ve likely learned about focusing on one thing and not getting yourself distracted; you’ve even learned about how to make a promise to yourself: “I will get a kitten someday when I can, even though I have to do it all myself.” 

You’ve learned a lot!