Monthly Archives: November 2015

It is always easier to destroy than to build, but certainly not better.

The world is full of impossible things, events, and grace. When you understand what is needed to create rain, you can’t help but think it’s impossible we ever have any. There have been so many stories of people impossibly surviving car accidents without a scratch,or terrible conditions of weather or brutality, and not only surviving but thriving. So many times changes between people may seem quite impossible, but so many times there are changes for the better, changes that never seemed likely at all. If the universe itself did not believe in the impossible, it never would have left the still, totally calm and quite center of the Source. That Source believed in the impossible, and in grace. We, its children, could certainly learn to do the same.

Everything we have is a gift from Earth.

It is so easy to break things, knock things down, ruin things, and people, and lives. It is so easy to destroy so very many things. But God is not the Destroyer more than he is the Creator: if he were, there would be nothing. To destroy in the name of the Creator is blasphemy.

Those who have killed the helpless, the innocent, the loving, kind, or just plain human people, will have to see all the faces of those they have murdered, and all of their friends, family, and all of those they might have helped, and all of the things they might have done to change the world. They will have to explain why they acted the way they did: not to the murdered ones, but to the God within themselves.

To love is a choice. To have peace is a choice. To be happy is a choice. How wealthy we are!

There are some tools in our soul’s toolbox that are particularly valuable. Determination, persistence and courage are three of the most valuable. Humility, generosity, and patience are of equal value at least. Wisdom is earned by experience, and if we ask our souls to show us, we will understand our experiences, and we’ll be able to find the jewels in the muck of frustration, loss, and loneliness. But the most valuable tools are insight, empathy and peace. The insight we need for ourselves; the empathy for others, and the peace for all of us.

There are two things you can always count on: change, and your power of choice on how you will react to it.

For most of us, not knowing what to do makes us stop for a second in atavistic terror, watching and listening anxiously for the next thing to reveal itself to us. and that pause feels very uncomfortable. Some of us will crouch down, metaphorically or actually, and hope we’re not seen by whatever threat it is. Some of us just leap forward in any direction available just in the hopes it will be the right direction, and even though we run straight into thing this way, it works enough times to be useful. Others react to fear by becoming fearsome, though, and these are the ones we need to be most careful of.